Winemaker’s Musings June 2016

Winemaker’s Musings What a spring! The vines are looking great. We are seeing the largest and best growing crop in several years. As most of you know the last couple years have been a bit lean. We began a new foliar fertilization program that targets essential micronutrients the vines need at different parts of it[…]

Winemaker’s Musings, November 2015

The harvest is over and we are well into “Making the Wine”. It was a low harvest year again due the damage from three winters ago. Since we replanted 20% of the vineyard this spring it will take us three more years to fully recover. The growing season was tough in that it rained nearly[…]

Winemaker’s Musings, August 2014

Harvest has started. Our first variety to be delivered was Foch. It is used exclusively in our Blushing Hawk. This will be a great vintage. The Jolly Rancher Watermelon like flavor is back. Brianna has been harvested and came in about 20% of last year. Good quality, but not much. Edelweiss will be coming in[…]

Winemaker’s Musings, May 2014

As stated earlier, it was a rough winter. We have extensive damage to our Traminette and Vignoles vines with most of the trunks or cordons split. Those will have to be regrown from below ground.  There was also significant damage to our LaCrosse, DeChaunac, and Syrah vines. So it will be a rebuilding year for[…]