Winemaker’s Musings

Wow. Just pumped the reds out of the barrel today and sampled them…. Wow… My friends. This is the best Chambourcin I have ever tasted., and that is before I have even filtered it! Amazing. Most of you know I seldom if ever brag about a wine, but this one is special. I would call it easily a 95-point wine or better. Very Pinot-ish. Rarely have I ever been this excited about a wine. I hope you will enjoy it when it is released in 2018 as I do now. It is just friggin yummy! It is a dry red that can age several years, but is yummy up front. Probably best after aging for a year or two.

The other reds coming out of the barrel are all good. Including the Syrah, Red Phoenix/Omaha Red, and Soaring Eagle. The Soaring Eagle is probably the best ever. Much  “Bigger” than before.

For you dry white drinkers… The LaCrosse and Golden Eagle, which is Jeremey’s white blend with no oak, are both stellar wines. The Golden just won a Silver medal. As for medals… The Edelweiss 2016 won a Double Gold and was up for best of show. The Red Phoenix 2015 won a Gold also. These are both on line now. Whereas the rest of the 2016 reds will be six months to a year out. Bacchus members I will let you try this at our annual Christmas party.

The vineyard is doing sort of well. We have had a lot of herbicide damage this year. Trying to figure out why or where it came from.