Winemaker’s Musings, November 2015

The harvest is over and we are well into “Making the Wine”. It was a low harvest year again due the damage from three winters ago. Since we replanted 20% of the vineyard this spring it will take us three more years to fully recover. The growing season was tough in that it rained nearly the emitter summer long which put more disease pressure on the vines. Jimmy, our vineyard manager, did a pretty good job staying on top of it as best as he could. We are sweating the warm fall conditions right now. When it stays warm late we all enjoy it. So do the plants. Like that fall three years ago when it stays war this late the plants do not properly acclimate to the cold. There can be serious injury to the vines if there is still sap flowing in the trunks. So we are hoping for more moderate colder temps to get them ready for the cold when it does get here.


Because of the low volumes we will not be making some of our traditional wines this year, including Vignoles, Traminette, Brianna, Syrah, Ice Falcon and perhaps a couple more. Not to worry too much as we extra of those from earlier harvest, at least for now. I think the wines are coming along nicely though. My son, Jeremy, is learning the ropes of winemaking. There is a lot to learn so it will take a few years, but he is showing a real knack for it. Now if I can just get him to clean up his mess at my desk after he “snacks”! 😉