Brewmaster’s Blast June 2018

Brewmaster’s Blast June 2018

Brewing is cranking up again. I just brewed Jack’s Nut Brown ale. First time in a couple of years for this one. It is a light brown English style ale. Easy to drink with just a bit of malty sophistication. Be on tap soon. I also just brewed our Raspberry Wheat Beer. It will also be available soon. I’ve been surprised with the overwhelming love of our Belgian (monastery) Strawberry Ale known as Spinner Berry. I usually do not drink much in the way of fruit beers, but this one has such sublime flavors from the monastery yeast that, well… I just can’t help myself. Just don’t tell my beer snob buddies I drink it! ? I do have Kelli to thank for making me brew it. Now we are all addicted.

The Blackbird Stout and the Pegasus Pilsners are both their normal knockout selves. Of special note is our Interstellar Double India Pale Lager (IPL) as opposed to IPA made with ale yeast. I love making this aromatic style of beer with a lager yeast. The cool fermentation helps keep great aromas from drifting out the discharge tube. This one is indeed “stellar”.

We are upgrading our brewing system to a 7bbl capacity. Our Brew Kettle is already that size and the Hot Liquor Tank and the Mash Tun are scheduled to be delivered in August.