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  • $7 or $9 Glasses | Bottle Prices Listed Below
    Petite Pearl – $30
    This dry, inky dark red wine starts off with bold black cherry notes and a medium body. With a warm earthy aroma and finish, it would pair well with rich meals, steaks, and marinara, or it could stand on its own on a cool evening.
    Syrah – $32
    Made from our own Syrah grapes, aged in oak. Young flavors bursting with rich tannins and a robust finish. Will soften nicely with age – hold for 1-2 years.
    $9 Glass
    Chambourcin – $32
    Hints of silky vanilla open up the bouquet. Black cherry notes heighten the smooth, lingering earthy finish. Aged in American oak, this has a mild finish on the pallet. Still young. $9 Glass
    Red Phoenix – $25
    A lightly oaked red with soft cherry notes, crisp acidity, hints of cinnamon and moderate tannins. Similar to Pinot Noir. Still Young. Serve cellar temp. or chilled.
    Cardinal Red – $17
    This Chambourcin-based wine is fruit forward with mild cherry notes and soft tannins.
    Dragon’s Red – $19
    Our most popular red is made entirely from Frontenac grapes, nice fruity notes combine with a bit of the Dragon’s bite. Produced in stainless steel, you’ll want to drink chilled.
    Sunset Red – $19
    This delightfully juicy red is fruity and relaxed. No fussiness here. Just lovely mouthwatering grapes with aroma of summer strawberries
    Cap’N Jim’s AirPORT One – $39
    This sophisticated sweet fortified wine has been barrel-aged for 7 years on average. It has an “old world” taste to it with hints of cherry and peppery spice. It is suitable as an aperitif after a long journey across the ocean or across town.
    $12 glass
    LaCrosse – $18
    Resembling a light Chardonnay, this lightly oaked white wine with fruity overtones has a nice, smooth finish. Best paired with seafood, grilled shrimp or chicken and heavy pasta dishes. Serve slightly chilled.
    Golden Eagle – $21
    Dry un-oaked white, with pear and green apple notes. Crisp wine which trails off into a smooth finish.
    Winter White – $18
    Made from LaCrosse grapes and produced in stainless steel, this wine has a lightly fruity taste with a smooth finish. (Similar to Pinot Grigio) Serve Chilled.
    Brianna – $16
    Bursting with berry undertones and hints of ripe plum and cherries, this wine provides a complex, lingering finish! Unusual weather required grapes to be brought in from outside the state. Serve chilled.
    Moonstruck – $18
    You’ll be struck with the fresh taste this wine has to offer. A blend of Nebraska White Grapes, this is a fabulous white. Hints of pear, apple, and pineapple. Serve Chilled.
    Edelweiss – $17
    As the name suggests, this wine is reminiscent of the sweeter white Germanic Wines. One of the most popular of Nebraska wines, it has a wonderful floral nose followed by crisp apple notes.
    Holiday Rose – $19
    Fruit-forward and lightly sweet with a smooth, mouth-watering finish. This elegant rose pairs well with cheeses and holiday meals.
    Hummingbird – $19
    This blush has a beautiful salmon hue, abounds with tart cherry and green apple notes. An elegant sipper with a lingering palate, this wine will pair well with most foods.
    Blushing Hawk – $19
    This light and delightfully fruity blush, full of strawberry and watermelon notes is slightly tart, it provides a fine crisp finish!
    Sparkling Brianna – $19 Carafe
    Sweet Sparkling with a floral nose bursting with citrus and apricot notes