$6 or $8 Glasses | Bottle Prices Listed Below

Petite Pearl - $30
This dry, inky dark red wine starts off with bold black cherry notes and a medium body. With a warm earthy aroma and finish, it would pair well with rich meals, steaks, and marinara, or it could stand on its own on a cool evening.
Syrah - $32
Made from our own Syrah grapes, aged in oak. Young flavors bursting with rich tannins and a robust finish. Will soften nicely with age - hold for 1-2 years.
$9 Glass
Chambourcin - $32
Hints of silky vanilla open up the bouquet. Black cherry notes heighten the smooth, lingering earthy finish. Aged in American oak, this has a mild finish on the pallet. Still young. $9 Glass
Red Phoenix - $25
A lightly oaked red with soft cherry notes, crisp acidity, hints of cinnamon and moderate tannins. Similar to Pinot Noir. Still Young. Serve cellar temp. or chilled.
Cardinal Red - $17
This Chambourcin-based wine is fruit forward with mild cherry notes and soft tannins.
Dragon's Red - $19
Our most popular red is made entirely from Frontenac grapes, nice fruity notes combine with a bit of the Dragon's bite. Produced in stainless steel, you'll want to drink chilled.
Sunset Red - $19
This delightfully juicy red is fruity and relaxed. No fussiness here. Just lovely mouthwatering grapes with aroma of summer strawberries
Cap'N Jim's AirPORT One - $39
This sophisticated sweet fortified wine has been barrel-aged for 7 years on average. It has an "old world" taste to it with hints of cherry and peppery spice. It is suitable as an aperitif after a long journey across the ocean or across town.
$12 glass
LaCrosse - $18
Resembling a light Chardonnay, this lightly oaked white wine with fruity overtones has a nice, smooth finish. Best paired with seafood, grilled shrimp or chicken and heavy pasta dishes. Serve slightly chilled.
Golden Eagle - $21
Dry un-oaked white, with pear and green apple notes. Crisp wine which trails off into a smooth finish.
Winter White - $17
Made from LaCrosse grapes and produced in stainless steel, this wine has a lightly fruity taste with a smooth finish. (Similar to Pinot Grigio) Serve Chilled.
Brianna - $16
Bursting with berry undertones and hints of ripe plum and cherries, this wine provides a complex, lingering finish! Unusual weather required grapes to be brought in from outside the state. Serve chilled.
Moonstruck - $18
You'll be struck with the fresh taste this wine has to offer. A blend of Nebraska White Grapes, this is a fabulous white. Hints of pear, apple, and pineapple. Serve Chilled.
Edelweiss - $17
As the name suggests, this wine is reminiscent of the sweeter white Germanic Wines. One of the most popular of Nebraska wines, it has a wonderful floral nose followed by crisp apple notes.
Holiday Rose - $19
Fruit-forward and lightly sweet with a smooth, mouth-watering finish. This elegant rose pairs well with cheeses and holiday meals.
Hummingbird - $19
This blush has a beautiful salmon hue, abounds with tart cherry and green apple notes. An elegant sipper with a lingering palate, this wine will pair well with most foods.
Blushing Hawk - $19
This light and delightfully fruity blush, full of strawberry and watermelon notes is slightly tart, it provides a fine crisp finish!

On Tap

$6 Pints | $14 Pitchers | $14 Growler Refills, Unless otherwise noted

Low Level Lager
** Gluten Reduced **
Our lightest beer is a refreshing American style lager.
3.9% ABV
IBU 15
Pegasus Pilsner
** Gluten Reduced **
A Southern German style Pilsner. The real Oktoberfest beer!
5.3% ABVIBU 26
Blue Angles Ale
** Gluten Reduced **
Belgian style blueberry ale, disgustingly good!
4.8% ABVIBU 12
Spinner Berry Ale
** Gluten Reduced **
Belgian style strawberry ale, Light and smooth perfect for a summer day!
4.8% ABVIBU 12
Coconut Vanilla Porter
Rich coconut and chocolate on the nose. Smooth, light carbonation with deep coffee and vanilla on the palette. Gluten Reduced
5.1% ABVIBU 12
Dark Stout with coffee and chocolate overtones. Owner Jim says "Best damn Stout I ever had!"
5.9% ABVIBU 35
Aviator English Ale
A mild English ale with low hop bitterness - think Boddington's or Tetley's.
ABV 5.5 ; IBU 13
Imperial Stout
Aged in our wine barrels for six months, this is a big, bad and delightfully brutal stout. The result is a smooth dark beer that's full of dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla aromas. It also has hints of raisins and cherries, thanks to the previous vintages of wine the barrel housed. If a beer could be a port wine, this would be it!
** Bottle Sales Only ** $15 per 750 ML
10.7% ABVIBU 35