Soaring Wings

Established in 2001

Jim and Sharon are a husband wife duo who own and operate Soaring Wings. They have been slowly growing and improving Soaring Wings since they opened in 2004.  

At Soaring Wings, we grow 14 different varietals of grapes. Winery is where the wine is made. Brewery is where beer is made. Vineyard where grapes are grown. Soaring Wings is all three! We grow the grapes and make the wine and beer! When you come out to the winery you can do a tasting if you are new/or wanting a refresher on our wine. Or if you know what you like go straight in for a bottle, glass, pint or pitcher. 

We can’t wait to see you at the tasting room! 

Jim & Sharon

Timeline of winery

  • Purchased land in 2001
  • Planted grapes in 2001-2002
  • Very first vintage was in 2003
  • Tasting room opened in 2004
  • Grown over the years adding a deck and party room (2006) and various other projects always growing bigger and better
  • First started to brewing in 2011


  • 7-10 K gallons
  • Over 2,000 cases a year
  • 26 K Bottles or more depending on the on how the grapes did that year


  • 5 Acres of grapes
  • 30 Acres total
  • 7,000 plants 
  • 2,000 just planted spring 2018
  • 13 different varietals