Brewmaster’s Blast – April, 2020

Well, with the damn virus stuff, things have been slow. We are about to filter the new Pegasus. Should be ready in about a week. It tastes great. We recently put out Mach Deuxbelle, or Mach Two, beer on tap. This is a marvelous Belgian double made with Trappist ale yeast. Man, banana, hints of cinnamon and clove…Amazing! But, it will put you on your ass at nearly 9% alcohol! So cool though. It definitely is a need to try beer. Also our Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is BACK! It is still creamy, smooth, and will also put you on your ass if you are not careful! As a side note, the Low Level Lager recipe was tweaked. It is a tough more flavorful. Definitely a lower alcohol treat.