Jim Brewmaster’s Blast September 2019

Man, what a summer. For this first summer season we had our new 7 BBL brew system fully operational. Allowed me to brew more than twice as much with half the work. There was some head scratching with the new Mash Tun as I had to recalibrate my recipes for it. Almost out Of Interstellar Transport, our Double IPL, but the new batch is only a couple weeks out. Once again, the Spinner Berry Belgian Ale was a great hit all summer. We have shifted into fall mode with a real nice Pumpkin Ale. On the previous year’s pumpkin I change my cinnamon to Madagascar cinnamon. I found out that type is much stronger than the last cinnamon I used so this years has a reduced amount in it. Tastes like pumpkin pie. You could probably put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it and call it dinner! The Pegasus Pilsner and the Blackbird Stout are both two of the best beers of their type made anywhere. Check ‘em out! Cheers, Jim