Perfect Pairing!

We have a Friendsgiving Dinner this Saturday. Thanksgiving spent with your friends that you don’t have to stress out cooking! But if you are in need of some help picking out the wine for your Thanksgiving celebration we have taken the stress out and paired some of our wines for you!

Looking for that Perfect Pairing?

Look no further! We have the perfect wines for your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Turkey Pairings

Can’t decide what wine to pair with the main event for your big dinner? Don’t stress about it! Turkey pairs well with either white or red wines. Most importantly, pick what you and your guests enjoy drinking! Here are our suggestions:


White Wine – Brianna

This off dry white is a perfect turkey pairing. The floral and fruity tones make it an easy drinking wine and great pairing for not only the turkey but all the side dishes. It shows just a hint of spice making it bold enough to stand up against the food, but not too bold to outshine the main course!

**Not a fan of the Brianna? The Winter White is always a great option – not too sweet, not too dry!**

Red Wine – Red Phoenix

This red blend is a great pairing for your turkey dinner! It is a perfect balance between soft fruity tones and a crisp acidity, which lends itself to a great pairing for all the food on the table!

**Not a fan of the Red Phoenix? The Cardinal Red is always a great option – just a enough of sweet and spice!**

Dessert Pairings

We all know that the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is the dessert! Whether you go with the traditional pumpkin or spice things up with a pecan pie, dessert is a must do! We have several wines that will pair with any dessert of your choosing, here are our favorites:


White Wine- Ice Falcon

This white blend is a great pairing for pumpkin pie. It is sweet enough to complement the pie without being too strong – you don’t want to outshine that delicious dessert! The Ice Falcon will best match the creamy texture of the pumpkin!

Red Wine – Dragon’s Red

Our most popular wine on the menu. Dragon’s Red pairs perfectly with a Chocolate Cream Pie.  Red wine is the perfect combo with chocolate. And this red is just the right amount of sweetness for cream pie.