Brewmaster’s Blast April 2015

Once again, apologies for not writing for a few months. Brewing slows down during the low season though. We just ran out of the Doppler Dopplebock. It was very popular!

  • Right now we are brewing Raspberry Wheat, Imperial Stout (will have to be barrel aged though), Jack’s Nut Brown Ale (gluten reduced), and our Wit. Expect all these to be on line in about two weeks with the exception of the new Imperial. When the brown ale comes on line we will have three gluten reduced beers on line. Numerous individuals have tried our “real beer” reduced gluten line and have had no difficulties with the gluten in the beer. Outside tests have shown a 99.99% reduction in gluten. If you are gluten intolerant please let others know we are making this beer for y’all!
  • If you have not tried our beers in while I highly recommend you come on out and give them a go. As we have gained experience the quality of the beers has increased noticeably. There not just good anymore, they are great.

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